What’s the “Lifestyle” Score For Your Home?

October 23, 2020

In the business world, a phrase that’s often used is
ROI or Return On Investment. It refers to the regular
gain (or loss) you’re getting from a particular asset
relative to its cost.








When it comes to your home, the gain may be more
than financial. It may include the benefit of the
lifestyle it gives you. For example, a spacious
backyard deck pays off in countless pleasant
Saturdays with friends and family. A home’s
location near convenient commuting routes means
less stress getting to and from work.
Lifestyle factors are important, not only when
considering where you’re living now, but also
when considering where you think you’d like to
live in the future. That’s why it’s a good idea to do a Lifestyle
Assessment regularly. The exercise is simple. Make
a list of all the lifestyle characteristics you want in a
home, as well as a neighbourhood. Think about
how much room you need, the kind of
neighbourhood you want to live in, your hobbies
and interests, what’s important to have nearby
(such as schools), and so forth.

The next step is to prioritize. Move items on your list
around so that the most important lifestyle factors are
at the top.

Finally, review the list and check off those lifestyle
factors your home is currently providing.
If you’re able to check off most (ideally, all) of the
items at the top of your list, you’re in pretty good
shape. Your current home is probably giving you the
lifestyle you want. But if some important lifestyle factors are unchecked,
it might be worth considering whether buying a new
home will give you a better “Lifestyle ROI”.

If, after doing this exercise, you’re curious about how
INFORMED to get into your ideal home, call me TODAY!